About Us

How it all Happened

While I was searching for reviews about tech products I found that most of the websites weren’t providing useful that’s when I got the idea of TechnologiTouch. I believed that I could write better reviews in a more professional way.

If you wish to know which product fits your needs best, this blog will be of big help to you.

There are a lot of people who consider whatever product their friends, spouse, family members, or teachers suggest to them. Not a lot of people have leisure time on their hands to do a little research themselves and check out several reviews. Believe me, it takes a lot of time to search for a product online.


The major purpose of https://www.technologitouch.com/ is to deliver honest reviews about all the technological products in the world by ranking them from 1-to 10 – on the top ten list.

My idea for this blog is for it to be the only place where people come to when they are having second thoughts about finding good products that meet their needs. Regardless of the name of the product, if it’s a tech product, we got you covered.

Make sure to read carefully and always drop a comment.

Our Team:

Our crew is always giving it their all and pouring their hearts and souls into reaching out to individuals who have requested assistance, as well as actively participating in the offering of gold resources via the technologitouch.

Muhammad Talha:

He’s a professional techie who’s been writing for TechnologiTouch for a long time, with his experience gained as he worked in the field since 2015. He specializes in writing on laptops, PCs, and phones, but he is experienced with a wide range of technology.


She is one of the active tech lovers in the team and always helps our potential users resolve their gadgets’ issues. Her contribution to product reviews and How-to guides on Technologitouch help many buyers to make a wise purchase.

Muhammad Daim:

He’s a technology and geek culture author and editor with over a decade of experience writing and editing for online and print magazines. Daim has also written for gaming and advanced tech devices, which readers love to read. His simple to read articles solve the problems of many confused users.