Best Power Supply For Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus Review 2023

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The Best Power Supply For Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus ensures that your components receive a consistent, clean energy supply. They’ll complete this duty effectively, saving you from wasting a ton of energy while playing. Because of the increasing power requirements of CPUs and GPUs, modern gaming systems require robust PSUs, which is why it’s more crucial than ever to choose the best PSU for your system. The Corsair RM750x is a superb option.

Overly inexpensive PSUs aren’t worth it. Thus we focused on models you should spend a bit more money on to feel secure. But don’t consider that money wasted. The best power supplies are more effective, operate without a hitch, and may be reused in subsequent constructions.

ASUS TUF Gaming 550W 80 Plus Power Supply 2

This does not imply that all of the PSUs we suggest are pricey. They’re not; some of our favorite PSUs cost only $50. A cheap PSU differs significantly from a reputable company and one from somewhere else. Don’t worry about going overboard either; high-capacity PSUs used to be less effective at lighter loads, but this is no longer the case. No of its capacity, if you choose a contemporary Gold or higher, it will be effective at lighter loads (which is good).

With its most recent ATX PSU specification (v2.53), Intel has imposed specific low-load efficiency standards, with the bar currently at 70% efficiency and 10W (500W capacity), or 2% of its maximum rated capacity loads.

Along with low-efficiency requirements, Intel’s most recent specification also addresses PSU timing issues related to Alternative Sleep Mode (ASM), enabling the system’s quick wake-up from sleep mode.

ASM uses Microsoft’s Modern Standby as an illustration. Although there are currently no motherboards that are ASM-compatible, remember that PSUs can last you for years, so you’ll be prepared for when ASM does get popular.

ASUS TUF Gaming 550W 80 Plus Power Supply


  • Dual Ball Fan Bearings
  • Protective PCB Coating
  • 80cm 8-Pin CPU Connector
  • Sleeved Cables

To get Military-grade Certification, capacitors and chokes have to pass strict tests. Dual ball fan bearings can stay up to twice as long as sleeve bearings. A protective PCB coating keeps out moisture, dust, and temperatures too high or too low. To get an 80 Plus Bronze Certification, you must have high-quality parts that pass tests.

The Axial-Tech fan has a smaller fan hub that lets the blades be longer and a barrier ring that reduces the air pressure. With 0dB technology, you can play light games in a quiet way. With sleeved cables, your rig will look very clean. 80 cm CPU connector with eight pins (EPS 12V) There is a 6-year warranty.

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Of course, Asus’s quality is always excellent! A very high-quality item that is equipped with all known assaults and offers multitasking at an unbelievable price! Strongly advised!

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How Do We Test Power Supplies?

The evaluation of the power supply also necessitates costly equipment, which not everyone can afford, in addition to experience and an in-depth understanding of electronics. Additionally, even if you have the right tools, you still need to know how to use them and, most importantly, maintain them (AKA calibrate them in frequent intervals to ensure that your results are correct).

ASUS TUF Gaming 550W 80 Plus Power Supply

Because of this, there aren’t many PSU reviewers and even fewer of those who can write quality PSU evaluations. We employ the best tools available to test power supplies, such as oscilloscopes from Keysight and Picoscope for timing PSUs, Chroma electronic loads, Keysight AC sources, N4L power meters, and other specialist tools.

We conduct thorough readings at both low working temperatures (40C), which can reveal even the tiniest issue with a power supply, and high operating temperatures (>28–32C). A PSU cannot be thoroughly evaluated by testing it solely at room temperature; this is where most PSU assessments fall short. In addition to a very accurate sound analyzer, we also have a semi-anechoic chamber with a noise floor of about six dBA available for noise measurements.

Product Comparison

The XPG Core Reactor 650 filled the apple cart with its Core Reactor line of great PSUs that use a strong base from Channel Well Technology. Any other OEM won’t use the company’s CSE platform because XPG ensured it had the only rights to use it since OEM platforms are currently only available to well-known PSU makers like Corsair and are silent! XPG’s decision shows its commitment to the best power supply market.

Even years after it came out, few other desktop PSUs use the cutting-edge power supply technology that the Corsair AX1600i was the first to use. In essence, the AX1600i combines a totem-pole PFC converter with GaN MOSFETs.

ASUS TUF Gaming 550W 80 Plus Power Supply 1

This lets it reach up to 99% efficiency, while even the most advanced conventional APFC converters can only reach 96% efficiency. So, those are the technical details. You should know that this power supply is just about as good as it gets.

Buying Guide For Best Power Supply For Asus Tuf Gaming X570-Plus 

A gaming PC’s power supply is just as crucial as the other parts that give it the performance needed for demanding video games. This means you must take precautions when picking a PSU for your gaming PC. You may have noticed several power supply options for gaming PCs.

Even if the power supply is of good quality, if you don’t have the right expertise, you could quickly end up with an inappropriate power supply for your gaming PC. You must select the ideal power supply from the list of those we have chosen as the greatest. So that you can like the best power supply for your gaming PC with ease, you should read the following purchase guide.

Power Output

The output wattage of a power supply unit is the first thing you notice. Power supply units for gaming PCs come in various sizes and output wattages, including 550W, 750W, and 850W. More power can be delivered to the components by increasing the output wattage. However, you must select a power supply based on the electricity you need. A 550W PSU will be adequate if your gaming computer requires about 400W power.

You must be conscious of your gaming PC’s power needs based on its components. Ideally, a 550W PSU should be sufficient for a cheap gaming PC. A 750W PSU will be enough if you have a powerful gaming computer. You must use an 850W power supply if your PC has two graphics cards. You can, however, maintain some headroom with a more excellent power supply than necessary for upcoming component upgrades.

Design Of The Power Supply

In the market, there are primarily three power supply designs. These power supply designs come in non-modular, semi-modular, and complete modular varieties. The cable connectors of a non-modular power supply are fixed and cannot be removed. On the other hand, a modular power supply allows you to remove the cable connections as needed.

Some cable connections can be removed when you reach a semi-modular power supply. The non-modular power supply is less expensive than semi-modular and fully-modular PSUs. Gamers with transparent glass cabinets use a modular power supply so they may cut out extra cords and organize their cables more effectively.


For gaming PCs, the power supply’s effectiveness is crucial. You don’t want to invest in a power source that wastes energy and produces excessive heat. Power supply units have efficiency ratings to help with understanding. A power supply unit (PSU) with an efficiency of 80% wastes 20% of its output as heat. You should choose a power supply with higher efficiency.

You should be aware that power supplies are given metallic codes to help customers distinguish between power supplies with different levels of efficiency. Despite having the same efficiency % as the bronze power supplies, the gold power supplies are more efficient. Choose a power supply unit (PSU) with a power efficiency rating of 80 or above.


You should look for possible connections because a power supply unit enables proper power distribution in the gaming PC’s components. The 24 PIN cable, which powers the entire motherboard, is the most crucial connector. There are also cable connectors for the 8 PIN CPU and 6 PIN GPU.

In most cases, the 24 PIN connector should be plenty, although some motherboards call for CPU and GPU connectors. Additionally, it is advantageous to have extra connectors on your power supply that you may utilize when installing various expansion cards to your motherboard. This is another reason to use a completely modular power supply, allowing you to add and remove cables as needed.


When it comes to power supply units, a warranty is crucial. A PSU shouldn’t be bought without a warranty. Short circuits, overvoltages, and overpowering can harm a power supply. A corporation will offer a sizable warranty if it is confident in its goods.

You should look for power supply warranties at least three to five years old. However, a few companies have a 10-year warranty. The corporation is more confident in its products, and the product is probably better when the guarantee duration is longer.


For your gaming PC, it is essential to have a suitable power supply so that the components can receive the required power. Overclocking some features like the CPU and GPU may require more energy.

For the system to perform better than planned, the power supply must meet all of the demands of the many internal components. To provide you with a wide selection, we have chosen the Best Power Supply For Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus across all categories. Additionally, we have given you access to a buying guide where you may review the criteria to consider in order to quickly evaluate a power supply.

We suggest Segotep 850W Power Supply if you need an 850W power supply for your high-end gaming PC. The power supply provides every desired characteristic, from thorough protection to great efficiency.

It is a completely modular PSU that allows you to add and remove wires as needed, which encourages better cable management. The fan is small and silent, and it guarantees pure output power for the benefit of the computer parts.

Thermaltake Smart 500W Power Supply is your best choice if you’re looking for a cheap power supply for your cheap gaming PC. Although efficiency is not one of its strong suits, it can continuously supply continuous power. For peak performance, the ultra-quiet cooling fan continues to disperse heat. You also receive all the necessary safeguards to increase the product’s longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do gaming power supply matter?

Yes, a power supply is a crucial part of a gaming computer. A power supply must effectively control power distribution while simultaneously meeting the demand of the system’s components. The motherboard and other PC components have a longer lifespan when the power supply is of good quality. Additionally, it provides extra area for overclocking your CPU and GPU for improved and quicker performance.

Which power supply is necessary for a gaming computer?

Because it relies on the power rating of the components in your PC, it is challenging to forecast the power supply that your gaming PC will require. The requirement for a power supply will increase as your gaming PC becomes more powerful and high-end. A gaming PC should ideally have a power supply that is between 550W and 750W.

Can you play games with a 750W PSU?

For a typical gaming PC, a 550W power supply should be adequate. However, a 750W power supply is required if your computer has two graphics cards installed. Therefore, 750W is sufficient for a smooth gaming experience, provided you have a powerful gaming PC. Otherwise, a 550W PSU will do.

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