Few Sectors To Be Aware Of


When filming on location, separate sets may be separated by a significant distance. The transportation department must transfer cast and crew in between base and the filming locations because most productions have a campground where the personnel is fed and the trailers are housed.


A whole department dedicated to planning and managing the filming sites as well as the management of those locations while they are in use.

AD Department

This is the department about which we write the most on this website. The AD department is primarily responsible for keeping the rest of the movie set going normally and on schedule.


Unless the actor is Tom Cruise, practically every stunt in a movie is performed by a stunt double. It is not normal for only few thousand stuntmen to be employed for huge battle sequences in major films.


We all know that every film has a writer, but did you realize that many big-budget films have a staff of three to eight? In exceptional situations, certain films may include as many as thirty.


When it comes to huge films, it requires a team of people to figure out the best strategy for filling theatre seats.

These departments, along with dozens of others, labor relentlessly to bring movies to life, and the final figure on big-budget Hollywood productions is typically in the 300-500 range. Yet, there are a number of circumstances that could lead this number to rise dramatically.