Criteria For Making Best Netflix Documentaries

Each Best Netflix Documentaries must be between eight and twelve minutes long in its final form, according to Netflix. “We're incredibly excited to open up this opportunity to aspiring documentary filmmakers in the UK,” said Kate Townsend, Netflix's director of original documentaries. We want to inspire everyone with a wonderful storey to tell to go for it, even if they've never picked up a camera before.

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Netflix offered to buy the exclusive rights to Craig Atkinson's new documentary "Do Not Resist," which investigates the modernization of police in the United States and the demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, with an offer created by an algorithm, according to Guerrasio.

A Netflix lawyer told Atkinson's lawyer during the negotiation process earlier this year that there was "no dialogue to be had" about the price Netflix was offering since an "algorithm defined how much the picture should be worth."

Netflix offered Atkinson a deal, but he turned it down because to the company's reported desire for complete creative control over the documentary's editing and name. Netflix will ask for a short summary and create Bank Statement about your documentary project, as well as information about any team you may have assembled. You'll also be asked if you have any prior documentary-making experience, however this isn't required to be considered for the money. You'll also be questioned about why you want to make your movie.

Following the submission of applications, a long list will be created. If you've made it to the long list stage, you'll be requested for additional information, including a video pitch, to support your application. The top ideas will be asked to pitch their ideas to an industry panel in April, with the best 10 documentaries being chosen in May. The documentaries will be produced from May 2021 to January 2022, with a public premiere in January 2022.