Who Was Hanzo?

Hanzo Shimada is a player character in Blizzard Entertainment's first-person shooter video game Overwatch, which was released in 2016. Hanzo can also be seen in related media such as animated shorts and webcomics, as well as being a playable character in the Heroes of the Storm crossover multiplayer online battle arena game.

The character is Japanese, and he is the older brother of Genji, another playable character. The Shimada clan, a fictitious Japanese crime family, was portrayed by the two brothers. Hanzo was ordered to murder Genji by the clan's leaders, according to his backstory.

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Hanzo, who was dutiful but heartbroken, later denounced his family and left Japan to wander the globe in search of redemption for his past deeds. He is categorized as a damage character with a high difficulty rating in the game. He is an archer with the ability to engage high-priority targets with quick bursts of arrows, jump forward, and expose the position of enemy players.

Hanzo has received positive reviews from both critics and fans, with praise for his character arc involving his brother, design, and skills. However, critics have noted that in order to be used successfully in the game, the character needs practice.

What Is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a simplistic game. Two six-player teams will compete for possession of a particular goal. Overwatch currently has four game modes, with a fifth, Push, set to debut in the game's sequel, Overwatch 2.

What Does Hanzo Say When He Ults-Translation

“Ryuuga wagateki wo kurau!” says hanzo. Due to its clumsy literal translation, this is one of the trickier words to translate.

“Let the dragon eat my enemy!” he yells when translated literally. That is right, but no one actually speaks in that manner. It's oddly phrased, which is common with translations when taken at face value. However, a successful localization job entails taking those awkward phrases and making the necessary language changes.

This restructured translation conveys the impression that Hanzo is about to unleash a badass dragon to devour his enemies in a manner befitting someone of his lineage.