Top 6 Best DDR4 Ram Reviews + Buyer’s Guide

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System demands are constantly evolving, with what was formerly the suggested amount of Best DDR4 Ram For playing a game gradually becoming the minimum necessary. That’s not even taking into account more time-consuming activities like photo and video manipulation or, well, Google tabs.

As your gaming PC or laptop tries multitasking apps on its limited memory capacity, a lack of RAM could be the reason for any efficiency slowdown you’re experiencing. While it may not be as exciting as choosing the greatest graphics card or gaming CPU, ensuring that you have enough memory is critical when constructing the ideal gaming PC.

And, with AMD and Intel’s latest processors enabling even higher memory rates, you’ll need to choose your RAM wisely if you’re building a new setup, as RAM with a higher frequency may enhance frame rates in specific games.

We’ve compiled a list of our best RAM modules for AMD and Intel systems, taking into account price and usage. We’ve also got you covered if you desire RGB to infiltrate even another aspect of your game life.

All our Recommendations

ImageProductGlobal RatingPrice
G.SKILL Trident Z Neo

G.SKILL Trident Z Neo

  • 4.6 out of 5 Stars
Corsair Vengeance LPX

Corsair Vengeance LPX

  • 4.8 out of 5 Stars
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO

  • 4.9 out of 5 Stars
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL

  • 4.7 out of 5 Stars
XPG Spectrix D41 RGB DDR4

XPG Spectrix D41 RGB DDR4

  • 4.5 out of 5 Stars
HyperX Predator Black

HyperX Predator Black

  • 4.7 out of 5 Stars

List Of Top 6 Best DDR4 Ram 2022

Let’s Review each RAM to know which one is the Fastest DDR4 Ram.

Our Top Pick DDR4 Ram : G.SKILL Trident Z Neo 

G.SKILL Trident Z Neo

The G.skill Trident Z Neo Series 32GB arrived with the most spectacular designs in the system, including a brilliant RGB kit. It works perfectly with the X570 Aorus Elite Wireless and the profile is correctly set up.

The RAM inspires consumers with its firm and great and gorgeous appearance, as well as its speed of about 35600MHz, which required a little BIOS tweaking. It also demonstrates that the MSI board and AMD Ryzen create the greatest combination for its users.

So opting for these gaming high-speed memory modules is not a mistake. It’s one of the finest and optimized memories for AMD’s current Ryzen 3000 series processors, and it works well with motherboards based on the X570 chipset. The consumers’ support and colorful RGB lighting to any gaming System or bought workstation comes from its unsurpassed performance, the appeal of its reliability, and overclocking.

The system runs smoothly as a result of this one-of-a-kind and highly qualified performance. You double-check that your motherboard’s BIOS is up to date. While going over the list of features, it becomes clear that these are for customers who want the quickest speeds and recognize the RAM, which is unrivaled in terms of transparency.

As far as functioning and basic needs adjustments go this ram offers amazing effects and a concealed rate? The manufacturers’ high-speed memory is most rewarding in terms of packing exceptional qualities that help you achieve your gaming PC’s goals and win the hearts of their customers.

  • It does exactly what it says on the tin.
  • RGB lighting that is appealing
  • Heat spreaders with a medium profile
  • Those are just average clock speeds.
  • The 3600MHz XMP profile will not be supported by RAM.

Editor Choice DDR4 Ram For Gaming : Corsair Vengeance LPX

Corsair Vengeance LPX

Users have given the Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 DIMM positive feedback for its performance on Ryzen systems, so you don’t have to worry about its functioning with Ryzen systems.

It enhances the system and provides high-end performance. It adds to the performance by having outstanding efficiency and quality control, both of which could be greater but are still progressing at a decent rate.

Users on Amazon may play it for a reasonable fee, thus these specifications at a low cost are fantastic. One important justification for its use is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, which ensures complete peace of mind. The PCB’s high-class performance assures the consumers’ signal quality remains constant and steady even when overclocked.

 It has low-profile designs and tiny form factors, making it perfect for inside space. It maintains thermal stability with proper heat dissipation modules. It’s a premium memory with XMP.0 support, which adjusts high speeds automatically.

It enhanced DDR4 systems and nearly provided the fastest speeds with higher frequencies, power efficiency, and more bandwidth. These specifications are the explanation for its high suggestion and questions from observers; therefore it is exclusively employed by individuals that value effectiveness, quality, results, outputs, and dependability. That is why consumers who request all of these specifications utilize them.

  • 3200 MHz is not a problem.
  • Both RGB utilities are supported by this plugin.
  • The casual gamer will love it.
  • The heat spreader is a substantial piece of equipment.
  • Over clocking is only possible in a limited number of ways.
  • To function properly, it requires a compatible setup

Best Seller Best Gaming Ram : Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO

CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 SDRAM made an impression on its consumer’s thanks to its horrendous RGB, and the quality is stunning thanks to the attractive aesthetics and quick speeds. It demonstrates good collaboration using the B450 motherboards and adheres to the AMD board’s functionality.

It appears that the users are the ones who are most surprised. Its RGB LED with color schemes is unsurpassed by any similar memory, so customers may feel it and it is regarded as an amazing product. It has custom memory chips, allowing users to deliver superior efficiency and excellent overcome leadership across the board.

It has been tuned for compatibility with ADM DDR4 motherboards and PCB fresh new designs, with an emphasis on signal quality and overclocking ability. Each module’s heat dissipation is handled differently with the help of the heat. It will undoubtedly assist your active gaming Laptop.

While reviewing the specifications, I came to the following conclusion: its excellent performance brought: completed and overlooked brings it to the swelling board’s table. It is chosen by those people who want both style and class in one memory because it comes in a variety of colors and performs all of your applications smoothly because of its quick speeds.

Quickly, it has a simple one-setting setup, which makes the installation more controllable and comfortable ended, concluded, and you’re off to create this fantastic memory.

  • Fastest RAM is a term used to describe a type of memory that
  • A sufficient amount of space for CPU cooling
  • With Ryzen 5 3600xt, it runs at 3600MHz.
  • Timings can’t be changed
  • DRAM that has been improperly binned
  • Some motherboards are incompatible

Customer Pick DDR4 Ram 16GB : Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL

Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4 C16 Corsair Even when overclocked, its thermal strong positive connection keeps the memory cooling benefits alive and well. It motivates consumers to purchase this memory. It has some of the fastest and most steady results at greater speeds, as well as one of the best signal qualities for higher-level performance.

It is well-liked by purchasers since it does not obstruct the fast-running of the PC. The question only has one answer: its maximal bandwidth and quick reaction times produce high demand among users.

The dynamic zone, with its processed RGB brightness and reducing next-generation software, completely deserves. It illuminates the memory and provides captivating performance and stability, ensuring that your machine does not overheat while in use.

For the latest AMD and Intel DDR4, a custom PCB delivers the best level of strength. There are a variety of reasons for its popularity among consumers, one of which is its highly categorized performance and distinctive designs that provide consistent quality and outcomes.

It’s a tightly protected memory that unlocks superior over clocking with system-matching module lighting. It’s best for users who demand high-speed performance combined with unrivaled attractions and table quality. It will illuminate your system, and you must take advantage of this opportunity.

  • Maximum bandwidth is a term that refers to the amount of data that may be transmitted at
  • There are no additional cables required.
  • Designed to function at its best
  • DDR4-4000 was not reached.
  • The worst program is issued
  • Lighting setup options are limited.

Overall Best DDR4 Ram : XPG Spectrix D41 RGB DDR4

XPG Spectrix D41 RGB DDR4

The XPG Spectrix D41 RGB DDR4 3200MHz is well-made and runs admirably at 3200MHz. Its appearance is also highly appealing to spectators. It is nevertheless simple to set up because it is built for efficiency. Some customers recommend this memory since it works well with the x470 and Ryzen 2600x processors and has no issues running at 3200MHz. It is a powerful memory that boosts your PC to certain levels and is also referred to as the gamer audience.

Its unrivaled performance necessitated the addition of stunning colors and a clean wire look to allow for easy integration into compatible gaming PCs. This memory operates at a variety of speeds, including 2666/3000/3200/3600 and 4133MHz. The customizable RGB lighting allows the lighting impacts to be customized to match the themes and is perishable. You’ll want to stick to using it because of its performance, quality, and longevity.

Users that require high-quality chips with a fully automated processing facility for maximum quality and longevity purchase it. It increases the quality of memory options and boosts the PC’s speed for the fastest performance. It’s built with Intel’s XMP 2.0 technology and is the most compatible with AMD’s latest Ryzen motherboards. Its 10-layer PCB improves signal transmission quality and allows for faster speeds to be maintained.

  • Installing it is simple
  • Smooth performance is a term used to describe someone good at what
  • Excellent construction quality
  • It slim profile
  • For OC, this isn’t ideal.
  • RBG is a little boring.

Top Rated Ram For Computer : HyperX Predator Black 

HyperX Predator Black

The HyperX Predator DDR4 DIMM HX432C16PB3 is well worth the money, and it will provide the best stability and performance to its customers. With its reputed high quality and RAM modules, it has received some fascinating feedback from its buyers. The AS rock XX9 Taichi board is compatible with it; it runs at 3333MHz flawlessly, which is why people appreciate the quick RAM specification.

It offers a number of appealing qualities, one of which is the 46000MHz speeds, which are properly linked with the CL12-CL12 timings and help you improve your electricity system via video editing, broadcasting, and gaming. The rig’s frightening edge is delivered by the fierce black aluminum heat spreader.

Because it provides fast speeds with minimal gaps and pumps out extraordinary DDR4 performance, efficiency is the only cause for its inclination toward users. These are available in single module kits with capacities ranging from 8GB to 16GB.

These kits are generally tested in a home to ensure that they perform at the specified speeds. It comes with severe over-clocking modules that are extremely compatible with your system. Users that desire beautiful black provided by the digital with high speeds and the fastest performance frequently utilize it.

If you choose the fine one, you are making a decision based on their unrivaled charm and work. The maker created it primarily for consumers who want to save money while also maximizing the performance of their gaming PC. So far, this memory has the ability to exceed your wildest dreams at an absurdly low cost.

We recommend these memories because they provide the best experience for your connected computing system. The smoothness with which they run the course is outstanding. So it would be ideal if you chose this memory because it really deserves it.

  • Fast and dependable
  • Over clocking potential that is unbelievable
  • Excellent compatibility with AMD Ryzen processors
  • LEDs aren’t anything exceptional.
  • It does not operate properly with Intel.

Best DDR4 Ram Buyer’s Guide

When it regards to purchasing RAM, you’ll just need to be familiar with a few technical terms. The speedier the CPU can receive information stored in memory, the greater the frequency rate (MHz) of the RAM, which helps to increase system performance.

The RAM modules emit less heat at lower voltages, which can help you prevent temperature overheating. The current standard DDR4 version offers a substantial voltage reduction compared to DDR3, resulting in improved system stability, thus if you haven’t already done so, we strongly advise you to do so.

If you’re building a new PC, you won’t have to worry about this because DDR3 Ram was phased out in 2016 when DDR4 became more commonly accessible.  With DDR5 RAM in the future, the next version of RAM will include even higher frequencies and reduced voltages, enhancing system stability and performance even further.

You could wait a few more months with your present motherboard before revamping your PC and installing those latest and greatest DDR5 sticks, but we doubt the pricing will be low throughout the first wave.


It is critical to identify and produce the Best DDR4 Ram in terms of appearance, quality, and performance. The prices on this rising list are quite affordable. Some are restricted but costly, but they completely own the expenditures thanks to their additional monotonous features and system updates.

Manufacturers are always worried about users’ difficulties when it comes to building efficient performance, which can result in fantastic speeds if you choose the right motherboard for your system. All of those are lighter and have lower intervals, and we will suggest them for your system to get the fastest speeds possible.

The performance of memory is also influenced by the compatibility of various components in a gaming setup. That is why, to avoid dissatisfaction after purchasing Best DDR4 Ram, it is more vital to purchase it wisely.

With DDR5 RAM on the horizon, the upcoming generation of RAM will include even frequency components and lower voltages, enhancing system stability and performance even further. You could wait a few more months with your present motherboard before revamping your PC and installing those new shiny DDR5 sticks, but we doubt the pricing will be low during the first wave.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quickest DDR4 RAM available?

G. Skill’s latest and greatest, which takes the elevated title from Crucial’s DDR4 Ballistix Max, refers to two 8GB sticks with a record clock frequency of 5333MHz – making it the fastest RAM on the market.

Is 16GB of DDR4 ramming sufficient?

16GB: Ideal for Windows and macOS systems, as well as gaming, especially if the RAM is quick. 32GB is the ideal amount of storage for professionals. Gamers will see a slight performance boost in some challenging games as well. Only for specialists and purpose-built workstations with 64GB or more.

Is Leven ramming a wise choice?

5.0 stars out of 5 DDR4 for a low price that works! It’s a low-cost ram that performs admirably and operates at the specified speeds (3200 MHz) and capacities (2 x 8 GB). On one side, there is a sticker to help spread/dissipate heat, whereas, on the other side, there is nothing to help spread/dissipate heat.

Is 3600MHz ramming sufficient?

The finest gaming RAM is the package that unlocked your CPU’s amazing performance, allowing you to get the most out of your gaming PC. A 16GB or 32GB kit running at 3,200MHz for Intel processors or 3,600MHz for AMD’s newest CPUs would be excellent for the great majority of gamers.

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