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If you don’t want the full storage capacity of an external hard drive, then some of the Best External Hard Drive For Chromebook which is suitable for USB flash drives, or a Chromebook compatible SD card may be a better option. Chromebooks are popular because of their low cost and ease of use.

Chromebooks, on the other hand, are frequently limited in external storage possibilities. Chromebooks come with very small hard drives out of the box, which are typically difficult to upgrade. In addition to using Google Cloud storage, some users may want to back up their information and extend their storage capacity up to 8TB using a Chromebook with an external hard drive.

External storage devices are highly common and beneficial for both professionals and consumers since they allow you to expand the storage capacity of your computer. If you’re looking for the Greatest External Hard Drive For Chromebooks, we may have just the thing.

We’re going to go through some of the greatest external storage options for your Chromebook today. Keep an eye out for future posts about Chromebooks if you’re seeking high-speed SD cards. Otherwise, let’s discuss the finest portable hard drive available this year.

Our Recommendations

ImageProductGlobal RatingPrice
Crucial X8 1TB Portable SSD

Crucial X8 1TB Portable SSD

  • 4.7 out of 5 Stars
Western Digital 1TB

Western Digital 1TB

  • 4.7 out of 5 Stars
Seagate Expansion SSD

Seagate Expansion SSD

  • 4.7 out of 5 Stars
SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable

SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable

  • 4.8 out of 5 Stars
SAMSUNG T5 Portable

SAMSUNG T5 Portable

  • 4.8 out of 5 Stars
SanDisk Ultra Fit

SanDisk Ultra Fit

  • 4.5 out of 5 Stars
SanDisk Extreme 500

SanDisk Extreme 500

  • 4.2 out of 5 Stars

List Of Top 7 Best External Hard Drive For Chromebook 2022

Following are the Top 7 Best External Hard Drive For Chromebook 2022:

Our Top Pick SSD For Chromebook : Crucial X8 1TB Portable SSD

Crucial X8 1TB Portable SSD

With speeds of 1,050 MB/second, the Crucial X8 Portable SSD For Chromebook enables users to quickly backup photos, movies, and documents. You can use it to enlarge your storage on your PC, Mac, iPod, cell phone, or any game console. It boasts an anodized aluminium body that is both stylish and robust, and it falls up to 7.5 feet.

It’s also resistant to severe temperatures, shock, and vibration. You can, however, download Crucial’s Storage Executive software to keep track of your drive’s health and usage. It is not dust or waterproof, despite its toughness. It’s inexpensive and packs a lot of punch into a small container.

 It just weighs 3.5 ounces and can be taken with you wherever you go. It lacks an LED light to indicate whether you are receiving or writing from the drive, but it is inexpensive and functional. It is incredibly fast for the price, with reading rates of 1,050 MB/second. It’s elegant, inexpensive, lightweight, and well-made, and it accomplishes the task at hand admirably.

  • Compact and dependable
  • Anodized aluminum base with rubberized ends for a stylish look
  • Affordable
  • It comes with two cables: one for charging and one for connecting to an older device
  • Compatibility with a variety of devices
  • Warranty of three years
  • There is no backup utility.
  • There is no activity light.

Editor Choice External SSD For Chromebook : Western Digital 1TB

Western Digital 1TB

The My Passport Go SSD For Chromebook is built to last, with shock-absorbing rubber borders and no internal components. It can take a two-meter plunge without breaking. It has a read speed of 300 MB/s and makes it simple to store and transport data.

The USB cord is incorporated and stowed in a slot on the gadget, making it fits easily in your pocket. It’s perfect for on-the-go storage and travel, with convenience, sturdiness, and speed. It has a grey plastic body with cobalt or amber accents.

It’s only a little bigger than a credit card and about the same thickness as a smartphone, making it extremely portable. It is only 55 grams in weight. It is more durable than any hard drive having spinning elements, and it is unlikely to fail physically if you use it until you’re not at home or at work.

It has a storage capacity of 500 GB or 1 TB. It includes WD software, which lets you copy anything from any social media or cloud services accounts to the WD disc. You can use the utility functions to check the health of your drive, safely erase its contents, and update the firmware.

Although this drive is only compatible with Windows, it can be made to function with a Time machine. The built-in cable is the best feature because it ensures that you will always have access to it. It’s designed for travel, so you can bring it with you and not worry about anything.

  • USB cord built-in
  • It’s small and portable.
  • Sinks two meters below the surface
  • There isn’t a USB Type C cable supplied.

Top External Hard Drive For Chromebook : Seagate Expansion SSD 

Seagate Expansion SSD

The Seagate Expansion SSD is a portable, ultra-small, high-speed SSD that’s ideal for watching online stored videos on a laptop or browsing photos and backing up your computer. It includes a USB interface and a simple but elegant design.

This SSD external drive is ideal for those who need quick storage in a handheld device. Though it lacks a slew of frills, it gets the job done quite fine. Although it lacks software and security capabilities, it is a low-cost SSD solution that performs admirably.

  • Quickly copies files
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • PC, Mac, and video game consoles are all compatible with this product
  • Excellent bargain
  • There is no backup software.
  • Encryption for security
  • Data encryption for security
  • One-year limited warranty

Best Hard Drive For Chromebook : SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable

SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable

In order to save and edit high-resolution photographs and movies, the Extreme Portable SSD from SanDisk offers fast storage for the device which makes him the Best Hard Drive For Chromebook.

It has high-speed transfers, with reading speeds of up to 550 megabytes per second. It’s simple to offload and edit files, and you can save up to 2 TB of data. This External Hard Drive has an IP55 rating, meaning it can survive dust and water. It can withstand a two-meter drop as well.

It’s small and lightweight, and it comes with USB Type C to C and USB Type C to A connectors. It works on both PCs and Macs. The tough design is appealing, and it has a key chain loop. This SSD external drive is simple to use and can be tossed in a bag without concern for harm.

The back and sides are black rubberized, and the supplied clip makes it simple to attach to your belt, camera bag, or anything else. It is shock and vibration resistant up to 1500G and it uses encryption that is supported by both Windows and macOS. This is a fantastic external drive from SanDisk, a firm with over 25 years of experience.

  • Shock, dust, and resistance to water are rated at IP55.
  • Protected by a rubberized aluminum case
  • Quick read and writes times
  • Has a key chain loop
  • Warranty of five years
  • Expensive
  • Water and dust can damage an exposed USB port.
  • The cables are a little short.
  • The cables are a little short.

Best Seller Hard Drive For Chromebook : SAMSUNG T5 Portable

SAMSUNG T5 Portable

Samsung V-NAND flash memory technology is used in the Samsung T5 Portable SSD external drive. It features up to 540 MB/second transmission speeds, shock resistance, and safe encryption. It also features an anodized aluminum exterior that can survive two-meter drops.

The USB Type C to C and USB Type C to A connectors that come with it provide smooth connectivity. PCs, Macs, cell phones, and other devices can all be connected to it. With this powerful SSD external drive, you can keep your entertainment, papers, games, and more in your pocket.

It is available in a variety of colors, including blue, gold, black, and red. In this handy tiny external drive, they all look fantastic. The drive also comes with Samsung’s software, which allows you to encrypt your contents, rename the drive, and monitor for updates. This is a fantastic tiny external drive that is both portable and capable of storing everything you require.

  • Software that is simple to use
  • Complete encryption
  • Sleek metal casing with a two-meter drop resistance
  • High-speed internet access
  • Small size
  • Susceptible to shock
  • USB 3.0
  • Not resistant to water or dust
  • The case material is prone to scratching

Customer Pick SSD For Chromebook : SanDisk Ultra Fit 

SanDisk Ultra Fit

This type of drive should only be used if you travel frequently or require portability. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s a good idea. They’re the priciest option of all the external drives and they’re the most expensive per GB. Sure, they’re not cheap when you think about it, but consider how much capacity you’re getting for your money.

You pay four times as much for roughly ten times the capacity. Consider what more space you’re getting for your money. Thumb drives, on the other hand, are a good choice if you need portability and don’t want to bring a brick around. If that’s the case, I’d recommend the SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB or the Samsung 128GB.

The reason for this is that both of these drives are extremely small and will fit into your laptop’s USB port. Instead of causing damage by sticking out, it will blend in with a low profile. You can also select your storage capacity based on how much space you require for backups.

After connecting your Chromebook and allowing it to detect your hard drive, either model should operate with your Chromebook. See the instructions below for more information.

  • The affordable per-unit answer, but the most luxurious overall
  • Reliable and quick
  • Extremely transportable
  • The most expensive pricing per GB
  • Easily misplaced
  • Storage of enormous volumes of data is not recommended.

Best External Hard Drive For Chromebook : SanDisk Extreme 500

SanDisk Extreme 500

Solid-state drives are a relatively new product on the market. They’re essentially a better version of HDDs because they don’t have any moving parts and so transmit data more quickly. The difference in performance between an HDD and an SSD is apparent, but so is the expense.

An SSD for your Chromebook is a good option if you want a fast disc that can transmit your files swiftly. They’re the quickest bulk option with the most capacity. Pricing is substantially higher than an HDD, but you save more money per GB if you choose a larger size. They’re also more durable than HDDs; therefore, they’re the best drive to place your money on if you’re worried about losing your data.

  • Provides a wide range of capabilities
  • Extremely dependable
  • Exceptionally fast data transfer rates
  • Low form factor
  • A variety of features are offered (traditional, travel, waterproof, etc.)
  • The costliest drive types
  • There isn’t as much flexibility in terms of capabilities.
  • For huge capacity, it’s very pricey.

Best External Hard Drive For Chromebook Buyer’s Guide

Before leaving this page, we at Techy Thing want to make sure that you have a good notion of what product would suit your needs. We’ll go over the factors you should think about before making a buy in this section.

Factor Of Form

Do you intend to use your external storage frequently? Do you imagine yourself hopping from one location to the next? If you answered yes to both of these questions, external SSDs are a better option as they have a smaller form aspect (While others resemble a huge thumb drive in terms of size).

Portability, speed, and convenience are just a few of the benefits of using an SSD External Hard Drive For Chromebooks. While speed is a personal preference, most of us can agree on the need for portability, especially when we’re constantly on the move.

What’s Better: USB 2.0, 3.0, And 3.1 Or USB-C?

In the world of technology, the rule of thumb is that newer is nearly always better. If you have a Chromebook with USB-C ports, we highly recommend obtaining a USB-C drive for it, as the drive’s speed is usually significantly faster.

If you plan to use your external storage across numerous devices, however, you should remain using legacy USB. If your devices are already USB-C compatible, there is a silver lining to contemplating USB-C external storage.

What if you didn’t know? You should have it if your machine is relatively new. Unless you have a top-of-the-line rig, you might not be able to get it if it’s 3-5 years old (or older).

Is Your Storage Device A Solid-State Drive (SSD) Or A Hard Disc Drive (HDD)?

SSDs have grown in popularity over the last five years as a result of their speed and efficiency, particularly when utilized to run an operating system. Hard disc drives (HDDs) have been around for a long time and are slower but more durable in the long run.

Do you require better read/write speeds or additional storage capacity at a reasonable cost? We recommend obtaining the largest SSD external drive you can afford if the price isn’t an issue because you’ll be using it for a long time. Traditional external storage choices will do if you’re on a restricted budget.

Volume Of Storage   

When purchasing an external hard drive for Chromebooks, storage space is likely one of the most crucial considerations. It’s best if you have a lot of storage. However, because SSDs are more expensive, you should think about how much space you want and how fast the transfer speeds are.

Although SSDs have become more affordable over the last two years, they are still more expensive than a Standard External Hard Drive. Finding the sweet spot is what we recommend. A 120-240GB SSD should suffice, especially if you plan to use your drive to run apps or programs.


They come in a variety of robust designs, and most of them can withstand drops of up to six meters. For the Best External Hard Drive For Chromebook Suitable, you have a lot of options. External hard drives are incredibly essential in today’s society since individuals are constantly on the move and want access to their documents, films, and photos.

You can purchase a small device that fits in your pocket and holds your data, whether you’re a photographer who wants to edit photographs on the go or you use your drive for storing files. You have the option of selecting one with additional security or one where you supply security through another program.

It is entirely up to you to decide how much security you require. Less secure options are less expensive, so it all depends on your preferences. With any of these external discs for storage, you can’t go wrong.

You have six terrific options here if you’re looking for a transportable SSD or external hard drive to take your work with you on the move. External storage is becoming more accessible, and these six options are no exception.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to utilize an external SSD with a Chromebook?

If you’d prefer to go it alone and use an SSD with an enclosure, this WD Blue SSD is the way to go. You’ll only need an external SSD enclosure to attach this amazing bargain drive to your Chromebook, and you’ll have extra space to work with.

Is it possible to use the Seagate Backup Plus with a Chromebook?

The Seagate Mobile Drive expands the storage capacity of your Chromebook. Simply connect your portable hard drive to your Chromebook through USB 3.0 and drag and drop the content to your Chromebook.

Are Chromebooks equipped with solid-state drives?

Chromebooks use solid-state drives rather than hard drives, and some SSDs are faster than others. Storage space: Because Chromebooks are built to connect with Google Drive; they don’t require lots of it.

Is a 64GB SSD sufficient for a Chromebook?

Most Chromebooks have storage capacities ranging from 16GB to 64GB. This can suffice for a few files, but you’ll be storing the majority of your data in the cloud. When compared to the 500GB to 1TB of storage found on many laptops, this is a significant difference.

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