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These days, we’re seeing more powerful graphics cards than ever before. However, after installing these powerful GPUs, users are reporting a new problem. Graphics cards are becoming more powerful, but some companies are also making them physically larger than their predecessors. Finding the Best GPU Brace that works with these GPUs is difficult enough, but there’s more to the tale. If the GPU is overworked, it may begin to sag.

You may be thinking that this isn’t a huge deal. Sure, it’ll suffice for a while, but if you plan on keeping your graphics card for several years, keep reading. The first issue is that it detracts from the build’s aesthetics and symmetry.

Second, with that weight hanging over the PCIe port, it may begin to damage it in the long term. Although this is a worst-case situation, it is plausible. A GPU support brace can help with this. They’re pretty common these days, because of how powerful GPUs have become.

Getting a GPU support brace for yourself is a fantastic idea because there is no way you can go wrong with it. The Top GPU Support Braces For Mining that we believe you should check into are listed below.

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Our Top Pick
Cooler Master ARGB 3-Pin

Cooler Master ARGB 3-Pin

👉 Eliminate Graphics Card Sag

👉 Edge-Lit ARGB Tempered Glass

👉 Multiple Orientations

Our Budget Pick


👉 All-around Protection

👉 Gas Spring Design

👉 Anti-shock Rubber Base

Our Staff Pick
upHere Graphics Card GPU

upHere Graphics Card GPU

👉 Fully Made of Alumium Alloy

👉 Segmented and slide design

👉 Concealed Magnet Design Base

Our Recommendations

ImageProductGlobal RatingPrice


  • 4.3 out of 5 Stars
upHere Graphics Card GPU

upHere Graphics Card GPU

  • 4.7 out of 5 Stars


  • 4.4 out of 5 Stars
upHere Addressable RGB Graphics Card

upHere Addressable RGB Graphics Card

  • 4.1 out of 5 Stars
Cooler Master ELV8 Addressable RGB

Cooler Master ELV8 Addressable RGB

  • 4.4 out of 5 Stars


  • 4.3 out of 5 Stars

List Of Top 6 Best GPU Brace for Gaming and Mining 2022

Following are the Top 6 Best GPUs:

Our Top Pick GPU Brace : EZDIY-FAB GPU Bracket


The EZDIY-FAB GPU Holder is the last GPU support brace on our list. This is a very basic-looking brace that is inexpensive and capable of supporting the weight of most GPUs. Look no further if you simply want a brace that will do the job. This can be a highly cost-effective and good solution if you do not have a very powerful GPU.

The 3mm of metal on the EZDIY-FAB GPU holder keeps your GPU from sagging and weight down on your motherboard. If left unattended, these issues might damage the ports and, in certain cases, cause long-term harm to your GPU.

This brace is horizontal and does not have a great deal of weight or structural integrity. As a result, this GPU brace is best suited for medium-weight graphics cards, as most heavyweight ones will require more.

The EZDIY-FAB GPU brace is a low-cost holder for your GPU that simply works. Its matte-black appearance blends in with most GPUs and does not stick out, which can occasionally detract from the overall aesthetics of a PC. There isn’t much to this GPU brace, and if your GPU isn’t too heavy, you’ll be happy with your purchase.

Personal Review

This was exactly what I needed. Something basic, easy to install, and that didn’t get in the way or appear out of place in my PC case. My EVGA 3070 FTW3 had a tiny sag, but now I’m confident that the GPU socket isn’t being torqued by the GPU card. It’s incredibly simple to set up and adjust to practically any card. 

  • Inexpensive
  • Gets the job done
  • Has a low level of structural integrity.

Runner Up Pick GPU Support Bracket : upHere Graphics Card GPU

upHere Graphics Card GPU

UpHere’s support brace has already been highlighted, but this one is a little different, yet it serves the same purpose. Rather than having horizontal support with RGB lights and flairs, this one has vertical support with a simple design.

This bolster’s base is magnetic, and it adheres to the bottom of your CPU case. Its vertical form allows it to handle up to two GPUs at once, effectively removing all of the weight that could damage your motherboard. It’s built of aluminum, so it’s a sturdy construction that can easily support that much weight.

The nicest feature about this bolster is that it doesn’t require any screws to put it together. You’ll be up and running in minutes with a magnetic base and just a few easy-to-move and adjust pads to hold the GPUs.

The upHere vertical GPU brace is unique, but it is undeniably a wise purchase. It’s not only inexpensive, but it also does an excellent job of supporting two GPUs at the same time without compromising your aesthetics.

Personal Review

I’ve had a few upHere items throughout the years, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in their overall product quality! This GPU brace serves its job well and looks great. I purchased the polished aluminum (I believe it’s called white) and it’s a terrific, sturdy, and simple brace.

It’s impossible to make a mistake. Because my case is small, I only used one of the two poles offered, but it would be roughly a foot long with the second pole attached.

  • Magnetic base
  • Easy installation
  • Support for dual GPUs
  • Can get in the way of the cables
  • Boring design

Editor Choice Graphic Card Support Bracket : MSI GAMING NVIDIA GeForce 


MSI is known for a number of items that have been successful in the market. It’s only natural that a firm responsible for so many GPUs on the market would create a GPU support brace. After all, given how heavy and large the current GPUs are, you’re bound to receive one.

Unlike the previous support braces, this one is a vertical brace that can hold three GPUs. It includes an adjustable pole that allows it to be installed in motherboards with heights ranging from 390mm to 680mm, making it an excellent choice for most motherboards.

After vertically placing it, you can adjust the rubber pads along the pole, which will support the GPU’s weight without causing harm to the motherboard. This support brace has no spectacular features and is merely there to perform the necessary functions.

Despite its unique form, this MSI bolster is just as effective as any other GPU support brace. It supports three GPUs at once, which helps avoid the GPU’s weight from falling on the motherboard.

Personal Review

I really like this item, however, while my computer is waiting for my Stimulus to fix some issues, I had to slightly reposition it. What you believe you see is accurate. Support for the cat tree.

  • Vertical design
  • Can fit in almost all motherboards
  • Support for 3 GPUs
  • Can obstruct other components or cables.

Best Seller GPU Sag Bracket : upHere Addressable RGB Graphics Card

upHere Addressable RGB Graphics Card

The upHere support brace comes next on our list. This one, like the CoolerMaster model previously stated, includes addressable RGB. You get a GPU support brace that will easily accommodate even the heaviest of cards without compromising on any front.

The upHere addressable RGB brace for your GPU is equally fancy and stylish, made of the same solid and sturdy aluminum as previously. We sometimes question if adding another component to our PC case will detract from the aesthetics of the ones that are already there.

You may be confident that upHere’s GPU support will not do so, as it is illuminated by the same RGB strip and 16.8 million colors. It is held in place by six screws and is powered by a single 5 Volt 3-pin connector. Instead of a moving screw, your GPU is protected by a sliding rubber pad. While the brace supports its weight, the rubber pad keeps your GPU away.

Most motherboards are supported by the upHere addressable RGB GPU brace, and its RGB lights can be synchronized with them, making the RGB lights easy to use and manage. It’s simple to put together, although dealing with the six screws can be a hassle at first. It also blends in well with RGB RAM and other similar components due to its appearance.

Personal Review

The product arrived ahead of schedule; I have yet to install it, but it is well-made and will complement my computer case.

  • Most motherboards include RGB support.
  • The GPU’s surface is not damaged by the rubber pad.
  • Design that is both attractive and durable.
  • Rubber cushion that slides
  • Six screws is a bit much to cope with.

Best GPU Brace For Mining : Cooler Master ELV8 Addressable RGB

Cooler Master ELV8 Addressable RGB

Given CoolerMaster’s track record, it’s no surprise that their name appears on this list of the best GPU support braces. Even a simple device like a support brace can be dressed up, and CoolerMaster has done just that. CoolerMaster ELV8 is the GPU support brace to look out for if you don’t want to lose any style points.

The ELV8 support brace is a horizontal support brace made of strong and durable metal. This is demonstrated by the fact that if you use this brace, your GPU can easily support its weight. It also contains addressable RGB lights that are compatible with MSI, Gigabyte, and ASRock motherboards and can be synchronized.

You can support practically all of the GPUs on the market right now thanks to its length, and it’s also pretty simple. You can screw the ELV8 in place with the 3 pins, and the slider with the screw allows you to modify the length to match the GPU you’re supporting with the ELV8.

There isn’t much that can go wrong with the CoolerMaster ELV8. Solid steel supports your GPU, preventing sag and damage to your motherboard while also maintaining style and aesthetics. The pricing seems a little much for a simple product like a GPU brace, but you also get addressable RGB, which is a nice addition.

Personal Review

Due to some major GPU sag, I chose a bracket from one of the more well-known manufacturers. The bracket is well-made and has a simple design. It appears to be capable of supporting my 5700xt. RGB has a diffused stripe with very smooth color transitions and can reach very bright. Adapters for several ARGB 5v motherboard connectors are included.

  • RGB addressable solid steel construction
  • Slider is simple to move.
  • Installation is simple.
  • For a support brace, it’s a little pricey.

Best GPU Brace For Gaming : DEEPCOOL GH-01 ADD-RGB


Deepcool GH-01 A-RGB Graphics Card Holder is the one to look for if you want a stylish graphics cardholder with RGB lighting. It’s a larger graphics cardholder with nine RGB LEDs that work with Asus Aura Sync, ASRock Polychrome Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, and MSI Mystic Light Sync RGB software.

It requires a 5V ARGB header on the motherboard or an ARGB controller; 12V RGB headers and controllers are not compatible. The GPU holder is made up of two components, one for the base and the other for the frame.

The ARGB LEDs are housed in the frame, which is constructed of metal, while the base is made of plastic and serves as a support for the frame. The holder is supplied with two bases, one of which is standard and the other of which is higher.

This GPU support holder features a modular design that allows you to conceal the PCI-E power wires that connect to the graphics card. For super easy installation, it uses a saw-tooth adjustment mechanism and a dual-hole installation design. It should be mentioned that the base is non-magnetic, however, you can secure it to the bottom of the case with double-sided tape.

Deepcool states that this graphics card support holder can carry graphics cards weighing up to 5kg, which is impressive and demonstrates the product’s exceptional build quality and structural strength. It works with most computer cases, including those with or without a power supply shield or shroud.

Personal Review

This is really well constructed and quick to install; the ARGB is great, not too bright but not too dull; I recommend this GPU anti-sag device; the height is also extremely easy to change and has an extra bracket for height adjustment.

  • Easy to use
  • Well made
  • Easy to adjust
  • No cables match my X570 board options

Is A Brace Required To Prevent GPU Sagging?

You will undoubtedly require a GPU brace if you are running a powerful graphics card or if your current graphics card has begun to sag. A brace will ensure that your graphics card is always in the right spot. It would have no effect on the PCIe slot or the rest of your motherboard.

You may rest guaranteed that the GPU will not sag if you put a bracing at its location. The majority of people are unaware that their GPU is drooping until it reaches a particular angle. In rare circumstances, the system or graphics card may have already sustained enough harm.

If your graphics card is hefty, make sure you install a decent quality brace right after it is installed. If your graphics card isn’t too big and weighs around 500 grams. It’s possible that you won’t require a brace. However, there is no harm in trying. It’s also a completely risk-free and low-cost investment. As a result, you can always take a chance.

Why Are GPU Support Brackets Beneficial?

Most professional computer builders, gamers, and other specialists will always recommend that you use a GPU bracket with your system. This occurs because they recognize the significance. When it comes to long-term use, the GPU brace can be really useful in giving excellent support for our graphics card.

The motherboard will remain in good shape, and the PCIe connector slot will remain in its proper location. The GPU support brace will extend the life of your graphics card in the long run. Whether you use a vertical or horizontal brace, you will undoubtedly reap some advantages. As a result, you should strongly consider installing it on any PC you own.

Is It Possible To Prevent GPU Sagging With A Brace?

The GPU usage decreases in the same way. Despite its significant concentration on the brilliance of some programs, building a PC is a selfish effort. Smart enthusiasts frequently customize the appearance and performance of their computers to meet their own requirements.

This explains why your computer has so much RGB lighting today. In most cases, the computer’s motherboard is equipped with a vertically moving connector to conserve weight and space. The graphics card and other components are usually positioned on the side of the chassis rather than the bottom, which causes the GPU to hang.

These gadgets do all of the processing. As a result, using a GPU support brace or bracket to limit or eliminate that bend is critical. It doesn’t just rely on I/O connections; it also gives your graphics card something to do. It’s practical insurance that looks beautiful, but it’s not required. Most GPUs function effectively without additional help for a variety of reasons.

Buyer’s Guide Best GPU Brace For Gaming and Mining

How to choose the Best GPU Brace for your motherboard? This decision might be difficult for you but I’m going to little bit explain a buying guide for GPU Brace For Gaming and mining.


You should choose your brace according to your motherboard space.


The material of any product matters a lot. So, choose a reliable product according to your need. You can make your own GPU holder with just 3mm of metal. This keeps your GPU from falling and making your motherboard sag.


Your GPU brace must be compatible with your motherboard and PC. Choose according to your PC needs.


Cost is an important factor when purchasing a GPU brace. More Cost definitely leads you to the best product but the budget must be considered in this regard.


Finally, if you’re experiencing graphics card sagging and don’t want to risk damaging your motherboard or graphics card, these GPU support braces or Graphics Card sag holders are a great lifesaver. They are affordable and can save you from the headaches that a sagging video card can cause.

You can choose from the GPU brace support video cardholders according to your PC case and requirements, and if you’re not sure which one is best for you, you can post your questions in the comments section below, including the graphics card model and PC case.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much GPU SAG is acceptable?

GPU sagging is relatively innocuous unless your GPU is sagging at an angle greater than 45o. Manufacturers consider the many types of stressors that a GPU may face during the production process and ensure that the GPU is capable of handling such stressors to some level.

Is GPU sag something I should be concerned about?

Graphics card sag can destroy both the GPU and the motherboard in extreme circumstances. Sag can cause harm to very heavy cards when they are installed in motherboard slots with little to no bracing.

Is it better to mount my GPU vertically or horizontally?

The Benefits of GPU Mounting Vertically The good news is that the most recent GPUs include fully integrated RGB lighting that can be synced to the rest of your system. As a result, having a vertically mounted GPU will only improve the aesthetics of your experience.

What is the reason of GPU sag?

Many enthusiasts use the phrase GPU sag to describe the droop generated by the card’s own weight. Because graphics cards are only held at two spots inside the PC chassis, this frequently occurs. The PCIe channel is one point, and the card is held in place by one or two screws at the back of the chassis.

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