10 Best White Motherboard Reviews+Buyer’s Guide

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When it comes to gaming PCs, most gamers focus solely on the CPU and GPU, often overlooking the motherboard, which is just as critical. We’ve compiled a list of the finest Best White Motherboard for each processor to make your decision easier.  If you want to get the most out of your games or bring your material selection to the next level, make sure you get the correct motherboard.

It’s the motherboard that will integrate all of the components you utilize in your setup. Manufacturers of motherboards have saturated the market with a range of alternatives, form aspects, and features to select from since the introduction of newer ones like Z490 and X570 Motherboards.

However, there is another component of building that many enthusiasts miss, and that is pioneering a structure that meets their aesthetic sensibility. The majority of motherboards on the market include original carbon-black layouts with RGB accents.

Those that want to make their gaming setup stick out from the public, on the other hand, frequently go for white-accented rigs. And when it relates to White Motherboards, each chipset has only a few possibilities. Furthermore, when all of the performance characteristics are taken into account, the decision becomes much more difficult.

White Motherboards are available for all of Intel’s and AMD’s latest chipsets. Second, we’ve taken into account all of the performance characteristics. Only Motherboards with the cheapest rates ratio and all of the current gaming features are included in the list. Let’s get started.

All our Recommendations

ImageProductGlobal RatingPrice
MSI Performance GAMINGMSI Performance GAMING

4.3 out of 5 Stars

Check Price and Reviews on AmazonCheck Price and Reviews on Walmart
Gigabyte B550 Vision DGigabyte B550 Vision D

4.7 out of 5 Stars

Check Price and Reviews on AmazonCheck Price and Reviews on Walmart

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Check Price and Reviews on AmazonCheck Price and Reviews on Walmart
ASUS Prime X570-P RyzenASUS Prime X570-P Ryzen

4.6 out of 5 Stars

Check Price and Reviews on AmazonCheck Price and Reviews on Walmart
ASUS Prime Z390-PASUS Prime Z390-P

4.7 out of 5 Stars

Check Price and Reviews on AmazonCheck Price and Reviews on Walmart
ASUS Prime X470ASUS Prime X470

4.6 out of 5 Stars

Check Price and Reviews on AmazonCheck Price and Reviews on Walmart
NZXT N7 Z390NZXT N7 Z390

4.1 out of 5 Stars

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon
GIGABYTE Z590 Vision GGIGABYTE Z590 Vision G

4 out of 5 Stars

Check Price and Reviews on AmazonCheck Price and Reviews on Walmart
ASROCK B460 Steel LegendASROCK B460 Steel Legend

4.4 out of 5 Stars

Check Price and Reviews on AmazonCheck Price and Reviews on Walmart
Asus ROG Maximus XIII ExtremeAsus ROG Maximus XIII Extreme

4.1 out of 5 Stars

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List Of Top 10 Best White Motherboard 2022

Let’s have a detailed review of all motherboards to know which one is the Top White Motherboards.

Our Top Pick White Motherboard : MSI Performance GAMING

MSI Performance GAMING

The above board is your best option if you want to game on an Affordable budget with a PC that falls into the mid-range bracket. It has an artic white appearance that looks great with a white chassis or a black and white combination rig.

It also has the potential to overclock for a better gaming experience. It works with the mysterious lightning to bring your setup to life. This white motherboard is compatible with Intel processors from the 9th and 8th generations.

The majority of Intel processors from the 9th generation have a decent overclocking capability. Although the MSI H310M Gaming Arctic motherboards can push your motherboard to high clock rates, RAM support is limited. Over clickable RAM will continue to run at stock speeds, while PCIe 3.0 support will limit bandwidth for the latest Nvidia RTX3000 range GPUs.

If you plan on purchasing PCIe 3.0 GPUs, this motherboard would not slow you down. This chipset has been put through its paces in both offline and online gaming environments. It’s made for sports gamers who push their computers to their limits, placing a load of heat and pressure on the components.

It contains a slot for an M.2 NVMe drive with a 20 GB/s transfer rate, enabling faster game loading and Windows booting. It comes with a gigabit LAN controller to make your ping as low as possible for smooth online gaming. It’s also powerful enough for VR gaming installations.

  • There will be more fan headers in the future
  • Support for M.2 and NVMe
  • A motherboard with a white PCB that is budget-friendly
  • There isn’t any RAID support.

Editor Choice White AM4 Motherboard : Gigabyte B550 Vision D

Gigabyte B550 Vision D

The Gigabyte B550M Vision D is a White AM4 Motherboard with a full-sized ATX form factor that offers the desired visual appeal and support for the newest hardware mountings. The metal graphics processor ports are designed to prevent the motherboard from warping due to the heat and mass of the graphics cards.

Gigabyte has raised the standard for future motherboards, whether it’s in terms of heat sinks or aesthetics. For maximum operational output, the B550M is designed to work with AMD’s 5000 series processors. This motherboard supports up to 4 sockets of up to 128 GB RAM for optimal performance.

Gigabyte B550 M recognizes that users’ needs change over time, thus it provides direct access to all major connectivity ports, including HDMI, Display Port, and Type-C, from the connection request area. On the plus side, you have dual Wi-Fi ports that can be coupled with Wi-Fi shark tail soup for maximum wireless bandwidth. The four 3.2 version USB ports, which are adequate to link all of your auxiliary connections, make up for the lack of a wireless adapter.

  • Large size
  • Attractive appearance
  • Good optimal performance
  • Thunderbolt ports don’t work

Best Seller White AMD Motherboard : MSI B450M MORTAR


The white PCB of the MSI B450M MORTAR TITANIUM is the Best White AMD Motherboard Which makes it standout out in your chassis. The connections are black to match the rest of the design. From VRM to PCIe, the build quality is excellent. It comes with a massive heat sink that is well-designed to efficiently dissipate energy. Heat sinks created as art elements on other motherboards have a smaller surface area than this one.

PCIe 3.0 is supported by the motherboard, although most current GPUs, such as the Nvidia RTX and Radeon RX series, utilize PCIe 4.0. This functionality may not ensure the motherboard’s long-term viability. It does, however, enable CrossFire for double AMD GPU configurations.

It lacks wireless connectivity, but it does include a Gigabit LAN adapter to keep your internet gaming latency low. The heat sink on the motherboard keeps the MOSFETs cool, allowing for optimal overclocking.

It has RGB on the motherboard’s edge to help it stand out against the white background. For graphics cards, the PCIe is fortified. The hardware appears to be in good condition, with well-spaced components. The FLASH BIOS button enables users to download fresh BIOS using a USB drive.

  • M.2 slots on both sides
  • RGB that can be synced
  • BIOS updates with a single click
  • There is no support for SLI

Customer Pick White AM4 Motherboard : ASUS Prime X570-P Ryzen

ASUS Prime X570-P Ryzen

The ASUS Prime X570-P is one of the Best White AM4 Motherboard which is designed to work with the newest AM4 processors. It fully supports AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series processors. The RAM support is remarkable, with 128GB of capacity running at the market’s highest frequency of 5100MHz. The 8+4 power phases verify that the processor receives consistent power.

The fans and AIO pump can be controlled in a variety of ways by ASUS. UEFI is a user-friendly and cost-effective solution. It has an active motherboard cooling mechanism that is not the favored cooling method in the industry. Passive cooling decreases electricity bills and noise, yet performance is improved by a dynamic method.

There is no wireless connectivity on the chip; neither Wi-Fi nor Bluetooth are available. Dual Nvidia GPU installing is not supported. PCIe 4.0, on the other hand, is included to support the new GPUs. While using the latest Nvidia RTX 3090 GPU, the PCIe 4.0 compatibility with Dual M.2 slots keeps your gaming efficiency top-notch with little to no throttling and bottlenecking.

The USB 3.2 Gen2 is the most recent version on the marketplace, and this motherboard has two ports just on the back panel to support it. The BIOS is simple to update and FLASH if you accidentally corrupt it when overclocking or tinkering.

  • VRM capacity that is strong
  • Whisper-quiet performance is a term used to describe a performance that is performed quietly
  • RGB strips that can be addressed in the future
  • Heat sinks for M.2 are not supplied.

Top Pick White Motherboard : ASUS Prime Z390-P

ASUS Prime Z390-P

With the superb Z390-A chipset, the Asus Prime Z390-A motherboard is exclusively designed for the top 9th and 8th generations Intel Core Processors. It gives you the most bangs for your buck while also allowing you to customize the look. AI overclocking and variable fan adjustment is included in the 5-way optimization.

Gaming necessitates a high level of connectivity and quickness. As a result, this motherboard is specifically designed for the greatest Intel Core Processors from the 9th and 8th generations to best serve this function. For overclocking stability, you get to see the greatest M.2, USB 3.1 Gen2, and ASUS Optimum II connections on the inside.

This motherboard also includes 5-way optimization capabilities that, based on smart forecasting and thermal telemetry, prove to be the best for CPU overclocking. The superfast connection, Optimum ll, cooler by construction element, upgrading to unequaled audio and visual attractiveness are all seen inside the 5-way optimization.

The 5X Protection contained inside it is the distinguishing characteristic that sets it apart from all other motherboards. The LAN Guard, under protection, device protections with Safe Slot Core, and stability are all visible. You can witness advanced FanXpert 4 monitoring inside the cooling dynamic system. It is beneficial in terms of offering improved performance while remaining cool.

The installation of a large GPU within any motherboard frequently results in heavyweight, and there is a danger of fracture or damage. As a result, you get the greatest Software Safe Slot Core inside the Asus Prime Z390-A motherboard to protect it from being harmed. You’ll find 8-channel HD Gaming Audio with Realtek ALC887 features within, which provides high-definition audio for a variety of games.

The outstanding impedance-sensing circuit on this motherboard automatically adjusts the ideal volume range within your headphones. At first glance, this motherboard cooler appears to be designed, and each header inside is dynamically equipped with heat sensors. For GPU and Chipset operations, the FanXpert proved useful in controlling temperature and optimizing cooling.


      Top Rated White AMD Motherboard : ASUS Prime X470

      ASUS Prime X470

      The ASUS Prime X470-Pro motherboard, which is powered by an AMD Ryzen 2 AM4 processor, has shown to be the most reliable in terms of delivering customized performance. This motherboard provides the best, most spectacular experience since it includes auto-tuning, dynamic fan calibration, and 5-way optimization.

      When it comes to processor support, this motherboard supports AMD Ryzen 2 AM4 and AMD Athlon processors from the 7th generation. You can play any high-end game without lagging with this CPU support. With NVMe M.2, top panel USB 3.1 Gen2, and Gigabit LAN, it will also enhance connectivity and speed.

      Second, you can get the 5 Way Benefits including improved featuring auto-tuning and Fan Xpert 4 to keep this board cool on the inside. It will benefit you as a gamer and programmer because it features advanced fan settings and dynamic cooling, as well as an embedded AIO pump header. It can easily handle the operating systems Windows 10 64 bit and Windows 7 64 bit.

      It comes with Software Safe Slot characteristics that offer metal casting technology and combines metal frames to provide a solid hold on your motherboard to prevent it from being damaged. If you want to play high-end games but are concerned about the GPU’s heavyweight, you should choose this motherboard with solidly attached PCIe slot cores.

      The Aura Sync RGB lighting capabilities included with this motherboard provide an almost limitless color palette. It can synchronize impacts throughout the motherboards, and when installed on the computer, it produces a unique and attractive appearance. The industry-leading 8 channels HD audio is used for the best and most spectacular sounds when playing any game inside. Realtek S1220 technology produces a warm and rich sound.

      You may see the Turbo App, which is designed to provide you with the best CPU performance possible. It has numerous advantages, including efficient power savings and accurate digital power control. These features are extremely beneficial to you as a gamer or programmer because they enable complete system cooling and are specifically tailored to your app usages.

      • Heat sink M.2
      • Over clocking with Efficiency
      • RGB is visually stunning.
      • Over clocking have no diagnostic LEDs.

      Best NZXT Motherboard : NZXT N7 Z390

      NZXT N7 Z390

      For quite some time, NZXT N7 Z390 has always been in the motherboard, cooling kits, lighting, and power supply market. In 2018, they made an attempt to achieve their lofty goal of establishing a motherboard producer.

      NZXT is renowned for putting a lot of emphasis on aesthetics, and this is exactly what they did with this Best NZXT Motherboard. The eggshell white color gives it a luxury feel and keeps it in line with the latest gaming industry trend. This white motherboard was created in partnership with ECS, a company that has a history of manufacturing reliable products.

      The NZXT makes use of the CAM module that is along with the motherboard. Anything from RGB to performance parameter tracking during game sessions is handled by CAM. Because of the unique headers, you must utilize CAM with NZXT equipment. Although the motherboard appears to be stylish and practical, the majority of the parts are hidden, which reduces heat flow and may harm your system to slow down.

      It comes with a Z390 chipset and an LGA1151 socket, making it a great choice for Intel lovers. The circuit board is as efficient as any other on the market, but because the BIOS is difficult to change, it is only recommended for professionals. It boasts built-in WiFi-5 and Bluetooth 5.0, making wireless connectivity a breeze.

      Even after shutting off your PC, Intel Optane memory offers faster data access for commonly used data. Overall, this motherboard is visually appealing and offers a wide range of features. It’s a fantastic option for semi-gaming PCs.

      • Support for USB 3.1 Gen 2
      • Wireless Connectivity at its Finest
      • Stunning and aesthetically pleasing
      • There are no RGB LEDs.

      Best Z590 Motherboard : GIGABYTE Z590 Vision G

      GIGABYTE Z590 Vision G

      In their Vision series, Gigabyte debut the Z590 white motherboard, which boasts better performance, connection, quick storage, and flexible graphics that are ideal for gaming and visual creation. The Red dot award winner for 2021 supports Intel’s latest 11th Generation processor for a lightning-fast experience. With a Z590 chipset, it performs admirably in all areas while remaining below budget.

      When you have the Z590 VISION G, you may unleash your ideas without waiting for it to close the gap thanks to 4 PCIe M.2 SSD ports and quick storage. This machine provides 7X quicker transmission speeds than typical SATA solid-state drives because of the increased bandwidth.

      The Top fin heat sink and Straight Touch Heat pipe are critical components in achieving the ideal combination of style and performance. They not only improve the heat dispersion surface, but they also have a stylish look, so you can produce stuff or play the new AAA games without fear of crashes or shutdowns.

      GIGABYTE Vision LINK allows you to multitask seamlessly among your Computer and devices, allowing you to work like a pro. Using the increased USB Type-C cable, you can send data, charge your device, and output video.

      The data transmission is quick, allowing you to stream videos and play games over a 2.5GbE network connection. It is 2X quicker than its previous and has improved overall capacity and performance owing to the Intel2.5G LAN.

      The Z590 is an excellent pick if you want the newest processors in your setup, as well as faster internet access and M.2 slots to keep you in the game with minimal delays. The cherry on top is the introduction of great cooling technology, which keeps things cool and allows you to have a better gameplay experience than ever before.

      • USB data transfer rates that are faster
      • Streamers and gamers can connect via Vision Link.
      • Support for the latest 11th Generation processors
      • AMD Crossfire technology is supported.
      • Better results on a tight budget
      • There is no built-in Wi-Fi.
      • No support for SLI
      • Doesn’t have Thunderbolt 4.0

      Best Budget White Motherboard AM4 : ASROCK B460 Steel Legend 

      ASROCK B460 Steel Legend

      If you desire beauty and performance, this motherboard may be the perfect option for you. The AS Rock B460 is a powerful computer in terms of performance, and the appearance of this motherboard is stunning.

      Steel Legend is the product name, and the motherboard is constructed with silver high-temperature and several RGB color options. Because of its color pattern, it’s a strong contender in the Top white motherboard’s classification.

      Except for the K variants, this motherboard is constructed on the Intel B460 chipset, which means it can run practically any 10th generation CPU. The price of this motherboard is reasonable, and when it comes to characteristics, you are getting a decent value for the money. The B460 has four DDR4 DIMM memory slots.

      The speed varies depending on the CPU type. For example, you get 2933 MHZ on Intel Core I9 & Core I7, which is decent, but you only get 2666 MHZ when you match this motherboard with Core I5 and Core I3. If you’re searching for a semi workhorse, especially for Intel processors, we recommend this motherboard. This motherboard would be stronger than the Mortar Sapphire if it had built-in WI-FI.

      • Supports Intel’s most recent processors
      • Relatively less expensive
      • Crossfire support from AMD
      • There is no built-in Wi-Fi.
      • AMD CPUs are not supported.
      • No support for SLI

      Top White ASUS Motherboard : Asus ROG Maximus XIII Extreme

      Asus ROG Maximus XIII Extreme

      The ROG Maximus XIII is the most advanced White ASUS Motherboard to date. It has all of the most up-to-date features, as well as plenty of expandability possibilities and advanced connectivity options. Intense and Extreme Glacial are the two types, and we’ll be looking at the latter today.

      The huge cooler with a glossy white finish is the first thing that amazes your eye. Only the Extreme Glacial version has this monoblock, which covers the whole area of the board, including the CPU. It’s known as the Ultra block by Asus, and it’s built entirely of copper, ensuring maximum thermal conductivity.

      The state-of-the-art cooling mechanism on this motherboard will keep it ice-cold even throughout the most vigorous over-clocking sessions. It comes with the industry’s most modern power delivery system, a 20-phase VRM capable of delivering up to 100 Amps. There will never be a shortage of USB ports with this model’s ten high-speed connectors. Thunderbolt 4 support isn’t something you see every day, and this version has two USB ports (with rates up to 64 GB/s).

      • A water-cooling system that is integrated
      • VRM with 20 phases
      • Ten USB 2.0 high-speed ports
      • Support for Thunderbolt 4
      • Extremely costly

      Best White Motherboard Buyer’s Guide


      Advanced Configuration and power Attachment (SATA) ports are the interfaces that connect storage devices such as HDDs, SSDs, and storage gadgets to a motherboard. As a result, you should choose the white motherboard with the most SATA ports, as the capability of your storage device is defined by the amount of physical and NVMe memory ports on your pc network.

      PCIe (Expansion Slots) Slots

      The number of cards that can be connected to the motherboard is determined by each attached slot. PCIe’s quality is determined by the number of data transmission lines it guarantees, as well as the lengths of both the data transfer lines and the lengths of the transmitting data lines (x16, x8, x4, x1). Data planes are a type of data plane. Each slot allows for different data lanes to be exchanged. For example, x16 provides 8 data lanes. This merely means that the data transfer rate has been half.


      It’s critical to have reasoning that allows diverse sections of a motherboard to interact with one another and conduct a variety of activities in a smooth manner. In this case, the motherboard is the most reliable source for identifying the sort of processor that will be used to create a motherboard that will work with the video card.

      USB Header

      This Serial Communication Header connects to your motherboard and allows you to connect other devices to it. Such as flash memory or other significant items that can help you do greater system functions. This way, you’ll be able to tell which motherboards are preferable for your PC based on how many products you want to connect to it.

      DIMM Slots

      Double in Memory Module slot games are those that can help you improve the quality of your system’s performance. The more of these slots you have, the more reliable and versatile your system will become. These are all the slots that originally allowed your RAM to be stored with your system. More and more DIMM Slots you have, the more RAM you can install, which will significantly improve your system’s performance.

      BIOS Or UEFI

      A functional computer system requires an interface such as the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) or Unified Expandable Firmware (UEFI) for linking the hardware and software. As a result, you should hunt for UEFI or Bios so therefore you will always easily and effectively alter your system’s settings. Using BIOS or UEFI, you may easily change the flow rate or RAM frequency. The most modern edition of BIOS is UEFI.

      Socket Size

      Slot sizes differ between versions of processors and brands. So be extra cautious and decide first whether Intel or AMD will be the best processor for your gaming PC; after that, look for a socket type that is suitable for your processor.


      White motherboards were created for RGB, and if yours doesn’t have enough headers or an efficient RGB controller, your efforts may be for naught. As a result, double-check that the RGB you want to add is supported by your motherboard.


      Determining the amount of RAM, you will install is critical. Make a decision depending on your needs. Then there’s the type of GRA: dual-channel, overclocking, and RGB. Check to see if the RAM you’ve chosen is compatible with your motherboard.


      Even if you’re an overclocker still need to pay attention to this critical motherboard component. The overall number of VRMs has a direct impact on your processor’s and RAM’s power to manage voltages and current. Because certain VRMs create noise, overclockers must check sure the VRMs in the PC are up to the mark.


      The Best White Motherboard has a certain allure to it, allowing your PC to stand out when turned off and without the RGB lights. The use of white & black in the background creates a visually pleasing effect. Even if finding the ideal white motherboard for your needs is difficult, the result is well worth the effort.

      Leading businesses like AS Rock, Rog, GIGABYTE, COLORFUL, and others have grown more users, and their needs are taken into account when releasing new products. For individuals looking for the perfect white-colored motherboard, this adjustment in inter-communication has shown to be beneficial.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Which white gaming motherboard is the best?

      In the market, there are numerous motherboards in various price ranges. If we’re talking about the best of them all, the MSI H310M Racing Arctic or the As Rock B460 Iron Legend comes to mind.

      What factors should I consider while purchasing a motherboard?

      AMD has stated that it will continue to use the AM4 port and 7nm technology. Intel has decided to continue with the LGA1200 socket, therefore for future compatibility, customers should stick with boards that support the specified sockets. Make sure the chipset enables PCIe 4.0 and has M.2 drive heat sinks. Motherboard, like the Asus Prime X570-P, contains all the capabilities you’ll need to keep your rig going in 2021.

      Which White motherboard is the most cost-effective?

      In regards to gaming and price, the MSI MPG Z390M Gaming Boundary is a good choice. Since it is simple to connect with the 10th edition Core series, it can provide a comprehensive gaming bundle.

      What factors should you consider before purchasing a gaming motherboard?

      This question has a straightforward answer: you should know the CPU you’ll be using to connect with the board. If you’re going to use AMD Ryzen CPUs, you’ll need a motherboard that allows them, but if you’re going to use an Intel CPU, you’ll need a CPU that supports Intel processors.

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