To Begin, Invest On A Solid Splitter

Connect your PC Or Latest Student Laptop to the connector now. Make sure your splitter includes two distinct jacks for two headphones, as well as one connector. Use the splitter's jacks to connect your headphones. Now play any song from your music library to see if you're getting the required outcome in both headphones.

What if you don't have a splitter, or if the one you have isn't working and you want to know How To Have Two Headphones On One Computer? You have one headphone jack on your PC and want to attach another device. Don't worry, if you follow these procedures, you'll be able to enjoy the luxury of music blasting without bothering others.

  • To begin, connect one of your headphones to your computer's audio port.
  • To get the ‘Sound' option, go to the start button and then control panel.

Go to the Manage Devices tab and change the speaker selection to "headphones" once you're there. You've changed your default option to headphones. You can return it to its original condition whenever you choose. Another headphone can now be connected to the computer port. You are not prepared to listen to music, watch a movie, or play games with a buddy without disrupting your home's tranquilly. Know all steps for fixing laptop jack from us.

Utilize The Functionality Of The System

Depending on a variety of factors, this may or may not work, however some users have succeeded in substituting a playback device for the input device. That manner, you should be able to use two playback devices at the same time in principle.

However, keep in mind that headphones don't always sync exactly, and the second playback device will have a tiny delay (headphones in this case).

Here’s how to employ system settings to allow Multiple Audio Output On Windows 10:

  1. Open Sounds by right-clicking on the Sound icon in the notification box.
  2. Go to the Playback tab and set your default playback device to the first pair of headphones.
  3. Go to the Recording tab now.
  4. Enable “Show disabled devices” by right-clicking on the empty section.
  5. Enable Stereo Mix with a right-click. Install the newest Realtek sound drivers and codecs if you can't find it.
  6. Double-click the Stereo Mix to bring up the Properties window.
  7. In the Properties window, select the Listen tab.
  8. Choose your second headphones from the drop-down menu and check the "Listen to this device" box.
  9. Next, go to the advanced tab and uncheck the box next to "Allow program to take limited control of this device," then save your changes.